Inform and Inspire through Speakers

We at WorkJoy LOVE what we do. We adore coaching. We are passionate for training and facilitating. We crave a good consulting call. And we go GAGA for speaking. Maybe your employees are in classroom overload. Maybe they only have time or mental bandwidth for something short. Speakers fill the gap between virtual self-education and full-blown workshops, reinforcing key messages for your humans and inspiring new ways of thinking, feeling, and doing. Your WorkJoy speakers will pour a powerful cocktail of expertise, energy, and entertainment into your talent development glass.

How It Works

You may have a topic in mind. You may want to brainstorm with us. As with all of our offerings, we start with YOUR end in mind – what do you want your employees to feel/think/do after the applause? What do you want them bringing back to their work and into their lives?

WorkJoy has been asked to speak on local, national, and international stages, including:

We have SO many toys in our WorkJoy toybox – let’s play!

  • The 3Ps of Personal Branding
  • Unlocking Your Potential through Your Strengths
  • Leading through Influence
  • Building EQ through DiSC
  • Going for the Goal
  • Get on Board: Curating Your Personal Board of Directors
  • Reframing Conflict: How to Clash Constructively and Confidently
  • All for One and One for All: Reimagining Leadership Development
  • Feedback Fears? Fuel a Feedforward Frenzy!
  • The Secrets to Career Success: What They Didn’t Teach Us in School
  • The Stay Conversation: Making Engagement Personal
  • Reclaim Your Identity: The Search for Authenticity
  • You Have a Voice!
  • And more!

Make your next event a WOW. Invite a WorkJoy speaker to the party.

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