Take the WorkJoy Free Culture Audit

Welcome to the WorkJoy FREE Fun Culture Quiz. This short quiz allows companies to assess the state of their culture based on the perception of the person answering the questions. This is a very quick, fun quiz and it takes less than a minute to complete.

There are only 5 questions to answer. Have fun and we look forward to speaking with you regarding your results.

Is your corporate structure similar to that of maniacal third world dictatorships?


Does the term "corporate change" remind you more of your paycheck than it does your company's ability to adapt and evolve?


Does your age have more of a chance of advancing than your career?


When you tell people about where you work, do you find yourself smiling or weeping, while rocking back and crying out "why me...WHY ME!?"


Would you rather lay on a bed of nails with a truck parked on your chest than make a mistake at work?

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