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Invest in and Empower Your Leaders

Leaders are demanding help to increase self-awareness, expand empathy, and improve interpersonal relationships. To build their skills, to reflect on what they’re learning, and to inspire and engage others. You owe it to your leaders to help them become their boldest, biggest, brightest selves. You owe them a coach.

One-to One, One-to Many, One-to-All

According to Gallup research, up to 70% of the difference in engagement across teams can be attributed to leaders. Leaders are role models, vision keepers, and performance coaches. Whether they lead from the front or encourage from behind, you rely on your people managers to inspire and instruct our employees. But how are you taking care of them – ensuring they have the guidance and growth they need to succeed?

WorkJoy reimagines leadership development as a three-pronged overlapping strategy that uplevels and uplifts in critical ways. Prong #1 – one-to-one – investing in leaders through coaching that addresses their unique challenges and supports their own creative problem solving. Prong #2 – one-to-few – upskilling leaders through training that deepens knowledge and introduces new tactics and tools. Prong #3 – one-to-many – building a pipeline of future-ready managers through aligned recruiting, talent review, succession planning, and performance appraisal processes.

The WorkJoy Advantage

We are uniquely equipped to be your leadership development partner:

Upskill Your Leaders through Learning Programs

Training harnesses the growth mindset, igniting that passion for learning, stretching ourselves, and striving for deeper and broader knowledge. Which means training must be RAW – relevant, applicable, and wowza (yes, that’s a technical term).

Relevant – there’s a strong why anchoring the training, clear links to organizational, functional, department, team, and personal aspirations. Applicable – concepts are digestible, tools can be personalized, and benefits of real-world experimentation are apparent. Wowza – the content delights the eye, the facilitator matches energy and style to the audience, the environment (live or virtual) supports optimal learning, and there’s lots of interaction.

WorkJoy will co-create learning programs for your leaders that address skills gaps, align with competencies and organizational values, and inspire meaning and purpose.

Examples of WorkJoy’s RAW training include:

Say goodbye to overcooked training that doesn’t capture hearts and minds. It’s time to get RAW with WorkJoy.

Reinforce Those Skills through Coaching

Targeted Coaching

Targeted coaching goes deep into specific identified growth opportunities (from a 360 assessment, performance review, development plan, or personal goal) while keeping leaders connected with their larger, longer-term professional aspirations. Targeted coaching supplements and complements other skill-building efforts, personalizing the learning and increasing the accountability for demonstrated behavior shifts.

Transitional Coaching

Leaders face many transitions on their professional journeys as they expand and elevate their roles. What helped your leaders achieve their present success must be supplemented to ensure future success. Transitional coaching uplevels leaders, increasing their capacity to contribute strategically and operationally and enabling critical capabilities for awaiting adventures.

Transitional coaching may be combined with targeted coaching to address current specific development opportunities, skills gaps, or behavior shifts.

Coaching yields results.

The ROI from leadership coaching includes:

Co-create with WorkJoy the best goal-guided coaching programs (3-, 4-, or 6-months) for your leaders, conducted via Zoom or telephone by highly experienced professionals.
Programs may include assessments to focus development goals and/or feedback gathered through stakeholder interviews.

Programs may also include development planning advisory for managers of coaching clients to support continued growth and alignment with succession planning, talent reviews, and other talent-related initiatives.

We love what we do – and so do our clients.

What are you waiting for? Let’s get planning!

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