Reimagine Your People Practices, Processes, and Programs

The future of HR is here. But it’s not human resources as we know it. It’s human relevance – nurturing, optimizing, and unleashing the human-ness of the workforce. Which means rethinking, reimagining, and redesigning all your human-focused programs, processes, and practices. Let WorkJoy be your trusted consulting partners on this journey.

How It Works

Using consulting Jedi powers honed by decades of real-world experience, we help you align business strategy with people priorities. And we shine a flashlight into the dark corners of possibility – what IF we could do XYZ? Why NOT do XYZ? What if we reimagined “training” as group coaching, igniting large-scale behavior change by harnessing the insight and intelligence of the many to inspire the one? What if “change management” evolved into “change resilience” – building skills around agility, flexibility, and self-awareness? What if our corporate values really wove through our people processes and weren’t just on a poster on the wall?

People programs we have helped our clients reimagine include:

  • Talent reviews that connect the dots across performance + development + succession planning
  • Leadership development that goes deep and stays sticky
  • Foundational skill-building for managers that boosts capabilities and confidence
  • Competency frameworks that weave together talent acquisition and talent development
  • Employee engagement intiatives that don’t stop at the survey
  • Training – virtual and live – that connects to strategy, feels relevant, and immediately applies to real life
  • Organizational aspirations that align with personal values – and are understood and appreciated by the humans expected to honor them
  • Content for a women’s resource group that sparks conversation and promotes cross-functional partnerships
  • The working relationship between talent/org development and HR business partners – the potential for a BEAUTIFUL friendship

Human relevance – the new HR. Disruptive? Oh yes. And ridiculously effective. Because humans are every organization’s most important – and irreplaceable – resource.

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