Embolden Your Leaders through Coaching

Leaders are demanding help to increase self-awareness, expand empathy, and improve interpersonal relationships. To deepen the skill-building they gain in training, to reflect on what they’re learning by doing, and to inspire and engage others. You owe it to your leaders to help them become their boldest, biggest, brightest selves. You owe them a coach.

How It Works

Partnering with leaders in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.”
– International Coaching Federation (ICF)

Coaching is a program, a process, and a mindset. In its simplest form, coaching is the act of helping others perform better. If you’re seeking coaching for yourself, we will co-create a program that meets you where you are. If you’re seeking coaching for leaders in your organization, we will recommend solutions that align with your larger talent development strategy and support your leadership-focused initiatives. Our solutions range from our foundational 100-days, featuring biweekly sessions conducted virtually or in person, to more robust programs that incorporate assessments and/or 360 interviews and span multiple months.

We are fortunate to partner with wonderful 360 assessment providers, including DecisionWise and FastMirror, and are fluent in all kinds of tools, including DiSC and CliftonStrengths. Have your favorite tools in your corporate toolbox? We’ll incorporate those into our coaching programs to create a seamless experience for your leaders.

A few of our recent coaching success stories:

  • Founder, eCommerce start-up
  • CEO, eCommerce fashion brand
  • CEO, regional building and construction organization
  • Managing Partner, national architect and design firm
  • Executive Director, regional nonprofit
  • Vice President, global growth and marketing
  • Sr. Director, global fashion production
  • Sr. Manager, international technology organization

The time for coaching is NOW. Invest in your leaders. Invest in yourselves. Your potential awaits…

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