"Work" = sustained effort to achieve results
"Joy" = a state of well-being or happiness
WorkJoy = our quest for professional bliss, fulfillment we achieve by using our unique talents in alignment with our greater purpose
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The Future of Work Is Here Today

The future of work is here – demanding agility, fluency of ideas, and, yes, human-ness. You must prepare your employees today to thrive in the workplace of tomorrow. Yesterday’s programs won’t shift mindsets. Instead – unleash human potential through WorkJoy’s innovative people-focused solutions.

What We Do

WorkJoy reimagines the intersection of humans+work. We help you ignite a radically engaging culture in which inspiring leaders and invigorated employees have the capability, capacity, and confidence to achieve stupendous results. You want agile, creative, and emboldened humans committed to your organization. We want that for you, too. Let’s partner to unleash the full potential of your people.

How We Do It

1:1 coaching. 1:many training. Speakers who stimulate. Workshops that wow. Retreats that renew. Programs with punch. Our humans+ work toolkit is based on decades of collective experience.

Why We Do It

We seek the win-win – wildly successful organizations powered by joyful employees who are motivated, continuously learning, and find meaning in what they do. And we know it’s possible, because studies show happiness and purpose drive tangible workplace results. Partner with WorkJoy – for yourself and your organization. Shift mindsets, unlock productivity, engage your humans, and exceed your wildest professional aspirations.

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Our Team

We drink our own champagne here at WorkJoy. We all are passionate believers in the power of the individual and the awakening of organizations. Our potential continues to be unleashed through engaging with our own coaches – and the coaching culture we nurture for each other. And every time we engage groups, teams, and individuals, we become more convinced that this human-to-human connection truly does change the world.

Optimists? Definitely. And a lot of fun.

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